NetBeansTM IDE

NetBeans IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing, compiling, testing, and debugging software applications for the JavaTM platform and other environments. NetBeans IDE includes a full-featured text editor, visual design tools, source code management support, database integration tools, and many other features.

To start the IDE (Microsoft Windows) use one of these methods:

To start the IDE (Solaris OS or Linux):

To stop the IDE:

To uninstall the IDE (Microsoft Windows)

To uninstall the IDE (Solaris OS or Linux)

Use the provided uninstaller found at /netbeans-install-directory/ Do not manually delete the directories and files.

To uninstall the IDE (Mac OS X)

Finding Documentation for NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE user directory

A default user directory is created the first time you start the IDE. It is used to store your user settings, options and runtime data for personal development servers. On Microsoft Windows Vista systems, this directory is generally found at C:\Users\user-id\.netbeans\version. On other Microsoft Windows systems, this directory is generally found at C:\Documents and Settings\user-id\.netbeans\version. On Solaris and Linux, this directory is found at /$HOME/netbeans_user